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Weekend Of Action Spurs Increased Support For A Sanders Presidential Candidacy

DENVER, Colo. January 28, 2019 ― In a show of solidarity and readiness, hundreds of volunteer-hosted events brought Americans together across the country last weekend to discuss how they can volunteer and organize around a Bernie Sanders presidential run.

Leading progressive organizations including Our Revolution, Progressive Democrats of America, The People for Bernie Sanders, Sanders for President and Digital Left joined Organizing for Bernie in setting up volunteer-led events on January 26 and 27, 2019.

“All social justice movements have come out of people gathering in small groups, telling their life stories, discovering that other people have shared similar experiences and taking action. That was our goal and I’m personally overwhelmed with hope after seeing the response and creativity of participants around the country,” said Amanda Robertson, a South Carolina activist and Digital Campaign Manager with Digital Left.

The Weekend of Action events brought people of all ages together to have frank conversations about the future of America. On Saturday, the hashtag #Bernie2020 dominated Twitter nationally for a few hours, as supporters across the country voiced their support online. Volunteers at on-the-ground events saw the same enthusiasm.

“Los Angeles Berners were organizing to #RUNBERNIERUN! The Bernie’s Coffee Shop Team hit the streets with petitions in hand to record supporters asking Senator Sanders to run for President. We’re ready to get to work,” said Allie White, volunteer host and community organizer.

Renewed anticipation for Senator Sanders’ candidacy announcement hit fever pitch as news leaked that the Vermont Senator may publicly declare his intention to run for the White House as early as this week.

“Bernie Sanders has been standing up for the working class, for social justice, for economic and environmental integrity for decades,” said Ceci Hall, Managing Director at Organizing for Bernie and former Director of Volunteer Engagement for the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign. “He has said that if he has grassroots support, he will run. What people showed last weekend and over the past couple weeks is that Bernie has an army-in-waiting.”

Organizing for Bernie is a people-powered volunteer organization comprised of former volunteers, delegates and staff from the Bernie 2016 campaign with a shared mission to lay the groundwork for 2020 should Senator Bernie Sanders announce he is running for President of the United States. Sen. Sanders fueled a political revolution by running for President in 2016. We’re asking him to see it through in 2020 and we’re ready to help him take back the White House. Click here to see this press release on our website.