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Organizing for Bernie Announces More than 375 Events to Build Massive Campaign-In-Waiting for Sanders

DENVER, Colo. (January 9, 2019) — Organizing for Bernie, a grassroots movement to encourage Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to run for president in 2020, announced it is partnering with The People for Bernie Sanders to host a multi-city, multi-country livestream event this Saturday, January 12. The event is co-sponsored by Our Revolution and Progressive Democrats of America, and will be livestreamed on Facebook by Act.Tv. Key movement activists will be joining as speakers, from different parts of the country for this national event.

Over 3,000 Bernie supporters have RSVP’d to the close to 400 confirmed simultaneous house parties in four different countries.

“This is what a political revolution looks like,” said Mandy Nunes Hennessey, a co-founder of Organizing for Bernie, who served as the Colorado state Caucus and Delegate Director for Sanders in 2016. “Bernie’s credibility with grassroots volunteers is unmatched and his supporters are urging him to run again.”

Last month, Sen. Sanders said grassroots support would determine whether or not he decides to run for president again:

“If, and that is an if, I do decide to run, we’re going to be taking on the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry, and Wall Street. And all of the powerful special interests who now control much of what goes on in Congress. So it’s not an easy decision, we gotta determine what kind of grassroots support exists, and that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

At the nearly 400 house parties planned on January 12, volunteers, grassroots leaders and campaign veterans will discuss what they’ve learned over the past two years. If Sen. Sanders announces his candidacy, Organizing for Bernie will immediately connect volunteers and supporters into the new Sanders campaign.

The events are in all 50 states, including critical early primary states such as New Hampshire and Iowa as well as large states like California and Texas, which have moved their primaries up to Super Tuesday.

The organization is urging supporters to find their closest event on January 12 and RSVP. If people don’t see an event in their area, organizers are standing by to help them host.


Organizing for Bernie is a people-powered political action committee that is organizing a campaign-in-waiting for Senator Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2020.